Dates are inclusive


Staff Development Day              1st October 2021


Hallowe’en                                 28th - 29th October 2021


Staff Development Day              1st November 2021


Christmas Holidays                    22nd December 2021 – 4th January 2022


Staff Development Day              28th January 2022


Staff Development Day              16th February 2022


Mid-Term Break                         17th - 18th February 2022


St Patrick’s Day                          17th March 2022


Easter Holidays                          11th – 22nd April 2022


May Day Holiday                        2nd May 2022

Election                                       5th May 2022


Staff Development Day               23rd May 2022


Spring Bank Holiday                   2nd June 2022

Platinum Jubilee                          3rd June 2022


Please note that school and nursery will close early on the last day of each term:

Nursery at 11 am and the primary school at 12.30 pm after an early lunch